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Sifu Glenn Hairston began his tai-chi training in the 1970’s under the instruction of Master Yung-Ko-Chou from Manchuria. It was under Master Chou’s guidance that He learned the Yang Style long form, Push Hands & Free Hand Fighting Skill (tai-chi sparring). It was also Master Chou that introduced Glenn to Ba Gua Zhang a sister art of Tai Chi Chuan. Master Chou was a disciple of Master Chang Shih-Jung from mainland China whose teacher was Master Cheng Huai-hsien of Hopei, both of whom can be read about in the book (Chinese Boxing, Masters and Methods) by Robert W. Smith, published by (Kodansha international Ltd.).

Glenn has also studied Tai Chi with Master George Ling Hu of Chung King China who taught him the Sacred Yang form as well as introducing Glenn to Shuai Jiao the art of Chinese wrestling and Hsing-I Chuan (Mind/Body Boxing) another sister art of Tai-Chi-Chuan. Master George Ling Hu studied Tai Chi Chuan under Master Wang Yen-Nein of Taiyun City, Shanxi Province and Master Shih Ming in Beijing.

Sifu Hairston continued his studies of the Yang & Wu Styles of Tai Chi with Master Lu Ping Zhang of mainland China. He also received instruction in the Wu Style of Tai Chi with Master Alfred Huang.

Glenn Hairston is a law enforcement/security professional who for the past twenty-five years through his company Specialist Defensive Training has provided lectures, consultation, training video’s and a variety of specialized programs tailored to meet the needs of various corporations, businesses and organizations. Specialist Defensive Training Co. offers a variety of training options, however, the primary approach of (S.D.T.) is a hands on pugilistic method that is the result of actual field experience.

Mr. Hairston’s personal background includes: former federal law enforcement, local law enforcement, certified (PPS) personal protection specialist, certified security specialist, certified lethal weapons instructor, U.S. department of justice certified defensive tactics instructor, international police instructor, counter terrorism certifications, certified dignitary/witness protection agent, law enforcement (special instructor), law enforcement (general instructor), and over forty years in the field of martial arts to include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Okinawa systems.

Glenn Hairston’s professional experience also extends to such areas as corporate security, aircraft security, executive protection and undercover operations.

Mr. Hairston has provided instruction and training for a variety of entities such as law enforcement agencies and academies, the U.S. military, security institutes and other organizations requiring specialized training. He also provides his expertise to the film industry. Mr. Hairston has acted in such films as Off White and Silence Of the Lambs.

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Mr. Randolph has trained under Sifu Glenn Hairston for over thirteen years in Taiji Quan. Mr. Randolph has instructed Taiji Quan at University of Pittsburgh, University of Carnegie Mellon, and Three Rivers Fitness.

He has professional membership to Specialist Defensive Training and the Bending Bamboo Taijiquan Association. Mr. Randolph received the Gold in Moving Hands and the Bronze in the Fixed competition at the Baltimore Maryland International Wushu kungfu Championships in 2000. He also took both Silvers in the Mah Lee Kow IWF in 2002 for the same events.

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Ron Yuan is being recognized as one of the most diverse Asian-American talents in the industry. Mr. Yuan has just been cast as new head Medical Examiner Dr. Evan Akai in "CSI:NY". Mr. Yuan will star in the soon to be released Coalition Films’ "Fifty Pills" and just starred in the indie-feature "Baby".

Mr. Yuan has special guest starred in "Boston Legal" and recently appeared in "Entourage" for HBO. His previous credits include “Cradle 2 the Grave”, "The Agency", and "Robbery Homicide Division." In Warner Brother’s "The Art of War" not only did Mr. Yuan play the covert operative Ming, he was also the writer/ producer/ performer of the title cut on the film's score.

Mr. Yuan recently completed voice-overs for Tim Allen's "The Shaggy Dog", "50cent:Bulletproof", "Narc", "Golden Eye: Rogue Agent", "Swat IV", "Riddick", and "Wrath Unleashed" the highly anticipated Star Wars "Knights of the old Republic." In past years, Mr. Yuan did voice-overs for "Shaolin Soccer" (MIRAMAX), "Godzilla 2000" (SONY) and Agnieszka Holland's "Golden Dreams" (DISNEY).

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